Expert Business Advice

  • Taking Better Profile Pictures
    If you have a website or use social media, why not take a step back and try and judge what your online profile picture says about you?
  • Taking Better Photos
    Improving your photos is a really easy way to give your web presence a boost
  • Client Requests
    Getting asked for a style you really don’t want to do? Saying yes can help you build your reputation and your business!
  • Premises
    Should you run a business from home or pay more and rent premises. Learn from people who've changed location.
  • Profitability
    Some of our top groomers reveal their tips to help you make more money! Learn from other people's experiences.
  • Premises
    A few pointers on comparing the options. Which is the better option - renting premises or creating a studio at home?
  • Pricing
    Sarah would love to put her prices up but has always been reluctant to do it. What would you advise her to do?
  • Profitability
    How could you change your business to increase profits and have happier customers? Let's see what other industries do.
  • New Clients
    Want to win new clients ?Then think like one! Taking a potential client’s view of your business can be very revealing.
  • New Clients
    We know if a business is recommended, we’re more likely to use it. So how can we get you recommended?
  • Employing Staff
    What do experts think about pros and cons of zero hours contracts - could they be right for your business.
  • Marketing
    How do you pick a logo that'll work for your business? Get some practical tips from a professional designer.
  • Marketing
    Getting the right business card design design can be tricky - here are 40 examples you can study for inspiration
  • Case Study
    The story of a very successful and thriving pet salon that was forced to relocate? A real challenge for any business.
  • Marketing
    Interested in taking photos to use on your website? Follow these easy tips and you'll take better snaps.