Animal Health

  • Kennel cough
    Kennel cough
    We should all know what to look for - this is a highly contagious condition.
  • Sarcoptic mange
    Sarcoptic mange
    Details on the warning signs and symptoms of this nasty skin infestation.
  • Heatstroke
    Here are the signs to look for and some tips on what to do if a dog is in distress.
  • Bee & wasp stings
    Bee & wasp stings
    Simple ways to identify and treat some of the common stings you encounter.
  • Clipper burn
    Clipper burn
    Top tips to help avoid the problem and advice on how on treating it when it does occur.
  • Diabetes in Dogs
    Diabetes in Dogs
    If you know what to look for there are simple things you can do to help a diabetic dog.
  • Heart disease
    Heart disease
    Obese dogs are at risk of developing heart problems - alerting owners to weight issues is vital.
  • KCS
    Don't assume a dog just has "conjunctivitis" - if you spot an eye condition a vet's opinion is needed.
  • Warts
    A classic example of why we must sterilise our tools between grooms - warts are actually highly contagious!
  • Anal Abcesses
    Anal Abcesses
    A very common problem - often in smaller breeds. They have a variety of causes but only one solution - call the Vet!