• Using Combs Effectively
    Video Masterclass (13 mins): Louisa Tandy demonstrates the importance of using specific combs for different coat types and combing techniques.
  • The Complete Dematting Guide
    Video Masterclass (11 mins): Louisa Tandy demonstrates her preferred and systematic approach to dealing with matted and neglected coats.
  • Toothed Scissors Series
    Video Masterclass (5.5 mins): Louisa Tandy starts our series on toothed scissors by showing how they work and explaining what they're used for.
  • Toothed scissor technique - Lhasa Apso
    Video Masterclass (4.5 mins): Louisa Tandy shows a good technique for using toothed scissors on a scissored drop coat
  • Toothed scissor technique - Labradoodle
    Video Masterclass (10 mins): Louisa Tandy demonstrates on a Labradoodle while talking about best practice with toothed scissors
  • Toothed scissor technique - Standard Poodle
    Video Masterclass (7 mins): Louisa Tandy demonstrates how to best use your toothed scissors on the leg and body of a Standard Poodle
  • Assessing a New Dog
    Video Masterclass (6 mins): Joanne Beddoe gives some guidance on assessing a new dog.
  • Rear Angulation
    Video Masterclass (3 mins): The UK’s top groomers on how to achieve the perfect balance and shape, using the dog’s anatomy.
  • Handstripping Techniques
    Video Masterclass (4 mins): Some of the UK’s most experienced groomers provide top tips on handstripping.
  • Brushing show and fine-coated breeds
    Video Masterclass 3 mins): Lhaki Thindal demonstrates how to use the Simpsons pro flexi brushes on show coats and give a pristine finish prior to grooming.
  • Brushing double-coated breeds
    Video Masterclass 8 mins): Lhaki Thindal demonstrates how to remove undercoat and matts from double-coated breeds using the Simpsons range of pro flexi brushes.
  • Creating Cylindrical legs
    Video Masterclass (2 mins): Learn some useful tips from industry experts on how to create cylindrical legs.
  • Matted coats
    Here's a simple way to explain to a client why they should be worried about a matted coat.
  • Matted coats
    How can you take control of the situation when a matted coat gets handed over?
    More time, more effort but more money! Here's a coat saving service you could offer.
  • Removing Knots
    Sharon Smith demonstrates how to remove knots from double-coated breeds.
    A shave off can be a poor choice - but are there some breeds you should refuse to shave?
    Video Masterclass (12 mins): Expert tips will help you stay in control and injury free!
    Simple tips to cut down drying times - the quicker you get, the more profit you make!
    Getting the basics right will save you time and money - and produce better results!
    Practical tips for begineers
    Reverse comb clipping - lets you clip above the undercoat on terriers (keeping some colour and texture) and helps pick up flatter coats on breeds like schnauzers and ‘shiny’ coated spanies.
    Is there anything worse than a client with a Lhasa Apso in full coat wanting a teddy bear trim? Maybe an Old English? Both can be tackled in half the time with comb attachments.