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    We're here to support professional groomers in every way we can and help maintain the highest standards in the industry and encourage fellow professionals to share their ideas and experiences. By charging a membership fee, our aim is to raise funds which can be used to support industry events, competitions and seminars. We're relying on you to join up and then join in! Please get involved if you can.
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  • Get in touch - we're here to help!
    Get in touch - we're here to help!
    Do you need professional help?! If you are uncertain about your options, thinking you ought to be doing things differently, blinded by technology or worried about what you need to spend then please get in touch. We’re always keen to try and find potential answers to real issues. We encourage the experts to offer practical, affordable advice. So if you’d like us to investigate an issue or find solutions to something you want to tackle then let us know. We want to create articles that make a real difference to real grooming businesses – so if there’s an issue you feel would benefit from a bit of expert advice then please let us know We’ve assembled a team of business experts who we can turn to for practical advice. Of course, we can’t offer one-to-one consultancy (these people charge a fortune!) but we are looking for issues that we can address which will benefit lots of us. So if you’ve got an issue you think we ought to tackle then please let us know. Here are just a few examples of issues we think it will be useful to get advice on: [box type=”alert” style=”rounded” ] Websites [/box] Tips on design, what’s a reasonable cost to create a website, how do you update it, are on-line booking options worth considering Photography – how to take good photography for your website – see more details here [box type=”alert” style=”rounded” ] Marketing [/box] Logo designs – help! Advertising – is it worth doing? Salon designs – how do you design a shop front that works? [box type=”alert” style=”rounded” ] Customers [/box] Dealing with tricky ones – see more details here Appointment reminders – what works? Collecting customer details – why can you do, what should you do? [box type=”alert” style=”rounded” ] Pricing and profits [/box] How can you raise prices? Profitability – how do I know if I’m making a profit? What’s the best way to pay yourself? [box type=”alert” style=”rounded” ] Staffing [/box] Are zero hours contracts worth while? – see more details here Employment contracts – what terms are important? These are just a few examples we’ve thought of – but we’d like your help to extend and add to the list. If there’s an issue you’d like some advice on -then the chances are that other groomers would benefit too. So please drop us a line and we’ll see if your expert team can help. Please contact us using this form.
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    Get in touch with us using our contact form and we'll get back quick smart!
  • The easy way to send us your photos
    The easy way to send us your photos
    The easy way to send us your photos It’s not a good idea to use your email account to send us photos – if they’re a decent size and you’re sending a few it could clog up your email account – exceed file size limits – and generally cause the kind of technical headaches none of us wants in life! It’s much simpler to use a file sharing service – these are widely available on the web and also as Apps. The one we tend to us is a FREE web service – www.wetransfer.com In simple terms (and apologies here to anyone who’s technically gifted) these services allow you to upload your files onto the company’s web servers and then – when the upload is finished – an email gets sent to your friend/colleague telling them you’ve sent some files and asking if they’d like to download them. All you’ll need is our email address – please use: photos@groomersgallery.com We’ll download your photos as soon as we can (and you’ll probably get an auto email telling you we’ve done it) but please be patient the site isn’t a profit making business and we all have day jobs that keep us occupied! Thanks for getting involved – any issues then please us the Contact Us option [under the home icon – main menu] to get in touch Interested in taking some shots? See our guide on taking better photos by clicking here…