Canine Anatomy for Dog Groomers – an Educational Series

Canine Anatomy for Dog Groomers is essential viewing if you aspire to be a successful dog groomer.

In this series of nine videos Julie Harris covers basic anatomy, anatomy in more detail, bones, articulation, lateral stability, tail manipulation and much more. In Canine Anatomy for Dog Groomers you’ll learn how skeletal structure relates to breed, how joints are articulated and the correct way to handle a dog, how to achieve front and rear angulation and the vital role nail trimming plays in the health and well-being of the dog.

  • Rear Angulation
    Julie Harris talks through rear angulation.
  • Basic Anatomy
    Julie Harris begins our series on canine anatomy by talking through the basics.
  • Anatomy in Detail
    Julie Harris talks through canine anatomy in more detail.
  • Nail Trimming
    Julie Harris explains the importance of nail trimming.
  • Bones
    Julie Harris explains what lies beneath the soft structure of the dog.
  • Points of the Dog
    Julie Harris talks through the basic points of the dog.
  • Lateral Stability
    Julie Harris explains how the conformation of a dog affects its ability to balance.
  • Front Angulation
    Julie Harris explains how to achieve front angulation.
  • Tail Manipulation
    Julie Harris explains how the setting of the tail is important in correct manipulation.