The easy way to send us your photos

The easy way to send us your photos

It’s not a good idea to use your email account to send us photos – if they’re a decent size and you’re sending a few it could clog up your email account – exceed file size limits – and generally cause the kind of technical headaches none of us wants in life!

It’s much simpler to use a file sharing service – these are widely available on the web and also as Apps.

The one we tend to us is a FREE web service –

In simple terms (and apologies here to anyone who’s technically gifted) these services allow you to upload your files onto the company’s web servers and then – when the upload is finished – an email gets sent to your friend/colleague telling them you’ve sent some files and asking if they’d like to download them.

All you’ll need is our email address – please use:

We’ll download your photos as soon as we can (and you’ll probably get an auto email telling you we’ve done it) but please be patient the site isn’t a profit making business and we all have day jobs that keep us occupied!

Thanks for getting involved – any issues then please us the Contact Us option [under the home icon – main menu] to get in touch


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