Taking Better Profile Pictures

Which profile pic would you choose?

What might your viewers be thinking?

If you have a website or use social media, why not take a step back and try and judge what your online profile picture says about you? Potential customers are after someone approachable and friendly. They also want a professional who they feel they could trust with their pet.

Remember a good profile pic should focus on the pet angle rather than a show dog. It should also give people the impression of someone that dogs trust and feel comfortable with.

If you are taking some new profile snaps, remember the magic square

If you can focus in on faces you’ll get a get a great photo to use for social media profiles. The trick here is to get groomer and dog’s faces nice and close together and then keep snapping so you can try and capture the perfect combination of expressions.

If the dog’s light enough to lift, you can hold it in your arms. But if your dealing with larger breeds then just crouch down behind the dog – remembering to bring your face forward so it doesn’t look like you’re hiding!

Example photos...

Study the examples below and challenge yourself to see if you can take some profile pics.

Follow our experts’ 5 top tips!

Taking better photos is easy if someone shows you how! If you can follow these simple tips you’ll be amazed at the improvement in your photos.

Don’t expect to get perfect results as soon as you pick up your phone or camera – a bit of planning, trial and error and taking loads of photos will always pay dividends.

Remember that professional photographers will take hundreds of photos to capture the perfect expression so never be afraid to keep snapping – choosing the best final photos from a big set is half the fun!

Expert Top Tips...

If you can follow these simple tips you’ll be amazed at the improvement in your photos. (use the arrows above the images to browse).


1. Aim for a few different styles

Try to create a variety of shots in the same session – compare the 3 photos we’ve chosen here for inspiration

2. Grab the dog’s attention

For the perfect shot you want 5 the dog to be looking straight into the camera lens – you’ll notice that none of the photos on this page have quite managed this. But it’s so easy to do – just hold a treat or use a squeaker next to your phone or camera.

3. Use natural light and choose your background

Almost any photograph is improved by using natural light – so whenever you can, try to take your photographs outdoors. If you have to take a shot indoors then try and position yourself close to a large window – with outside light shinng on you and the dog. Also try to find a spot for the photographer so that you get a plain background – trees, shrubs, or a brick wall will all add a bit of colour and texture without adding unnecessary distractions.

4. Keep snapping and change positions

Keep a chair handy – you can sit on it and take photos looking down or swap over and get the photographer to take photos looking up (then you might get a nice blue sky background).



5. Select a large image size

Make sure your phone or camera is set up to take larger format photos – remember its easy to scale a picture down in size but you can’t scale them up!