How to be more profitable

Some of our top groomers reveal their tips to help you make more money!



Alison Rogers, Pretty Paws Grooming & Training Centre, West Yorks

Work more efficiently by understanding your timings and stick to a routine. If you always groom a dog in the same order you will get faster as your technique picks up. Also the dog will get used to always being done this way and will be more relaxed and easier to handle also saving time. It’s an automatic progression.



Richard Smith, The Doggie Stylists, Northants

Sell products to your customers that you use, for instance slicker brushes, shampoos and colognes. We are always being asked recommendations from our clients to help them maintain their dog’s coat in between grooms. The mark-up on such products can be good.



Emma Baker, The Muddy Paw, Northants

Consider taking on an apprentice if you need more staff. It’s all about finding the right balance between the number of staff you need to do more business and still make a profit. An apprentice will be much cheaper and you will also have the satisfaction of seeing them develop as a groomer.



Karen Lamb, Canine Care & Co, Great Manchester

Handcuff my business partner!! (Lorraine Brackley). Joking aside, it’s all about time and motion. For example, I time how long it should take to do a dog, then if I have a trainee and I discover they’re taking far too long to bath a dog I will watch and advise and, step by step, show them how they can be quicker and more efficient.



Stuart Simons, Groom Dog City, London

Always ask a customer to book their next appointment and send them a text reminder a few days before. By doing that you’ll eradicate the no-shows and save a lot of wasted time and money.



Christine Anderton, Absolutely Animals, London

Believe in the value of your profession and charge what you’re worth. If you set your prices too low, it’s very difficult to increase them. Don’t be influenced by the customer who comes into your salon and tells you that the new groomer who’s just moved in down the road is charging much less than you.



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