Client Requests

There are numerous groomers that have had to do a style they are not particularly proud of, yet the owner has been delighted with. And it’s a puzzle to the same groomers as to why anyone would buy a poodle and then not want it to look like one, or a Schnauzer (one of the most tailored breeds there is) and want it to look like a teddy bear!

But these customers can be your biggest client pullers as they will recommend you as the groomer who listens and grooms their dog exactly the way they want.

Sometimes it may take a couple of trims to achieve the sort of style the owner wants. So from the outset it important to get as much information from the customer as possible and to reassure them that if there is anything they would like you to change with the next haircut, then to let you know. Approached in this way the customer will not be embarrassed to come back to you and mention what they think is not quite right rather than go on to another groomer. Good communication is key to getting a positive outcome for you and the customer.

Some things to consider

  • a ruler is a useful tool to have in the salon as every client seems to have a different idea of what short actually means!
  • pictures can be helpful in giving the client an idea of what their dog will look like and show trim variations available to them – your facebook page can be great for this
  • how realistic are your client’s wishes – you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!
  • don’t forget to take into consideration the dog’s lifestyle, how much the owner is prepared to do in between trims and most importantly the dog’s personality
  • set the right price for your work
  • depending on the condition and styling requirements, give a price for the work and the time you expect it to take and stick to it

When discussing the trim, pictures (supplied by you or the client) can be helpful in showing the client exactly what they want would look like ,or the variations of trims available to them, but it is really about

Finally remember however you may feel about a particular trim, the dog is not yours, it’s your customer’s and they are allowed to choose how it looks.