Taking Better Profile Pictures

If you have a website or use social media, why not take a step back and try and judge what your online profile picture says about you?

Matted coats

How can you take control of the situation when a matted coat gets handed over?


We want to build up a series of training exercises to help you deal with tricky situations – let us know where you need help.

Tackling no-shows

No shows have a direct impact on profits – so minimising them is clearly a great idea. Are there things you could do?


A quick scenario to get you thinking about how we recommend businesses – it’s all about risk and reputation.

Client Requests

Getting asked for a style you really don’t want to do? Saying yes can help you build your reputation and your business!


Should you run a business from home or pay more and rent premises. Learn from people who’ve changed location.


Some of our top groomers reveal their tips to help you make more money! Learn from other people’s experiences.