Suppose a that a good friend recommended you switch to their hairdresser – what would you do?

Even worse what on earth would you do if you followed their advice and then weren’t happy with the results! Do you think they might say something? Would they notice but pretend you looked great? Would your friendship be in jeopardy?

The scenario!

You’ve mentioned to friends that you think it might be “time to switch” hairdressers. Let’s say the stylist who has been cutting your hair for the last few years has got married and is moving away. So a good friend, with pretty good hair, recommends their stylist and is very keen for you to book an appointment. You pop in but to your dismay the haircut is not up to your usual standard and now that you’ve got home and washed and dried it yourself it really looks terrible!


How would you deal with the new hair stylist?

Go back? Complain? Expose them!

Would you say anything to your friend?

Blame them? Shame them?? Unfriend them??? Invoice them????

What would your friends say to you?

Are you likely to hear the truth about your new haircut?

Are you a risk taker?

Maybe people who switch hairdressers frequently are just natural risk takers? Chasers of perfection! What would make you switch from one hairdresser to another?

What’s easier – dog grooming or hairdressing?

No there’s a question!

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