The EGG Challenge – Sunday June 14th

The competition that’s especially tailored to first time competitors.

Now that we are heading towards the competition season you may decide you want to start competing. Perhaps you feel that you are not good enough? Too nervous? Or can’t find the right dog? Hopefully this article will allay some of your fears and provide the answers you are looking for to help you move towards a successful competing career.
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Am I good enough?


We all feel like this when we first start. The trick is to pick a dog that you like grooming and are confident with its style. You need to research the trim by using breed standard books, websites and attending demonstration held by various groomers and breed clubs throughout the year. These people are more than willing to help and you can often pick up trimming guides. The aim of a grooming competition is not always to win but to learn from other groomers and your judges.
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Am I too nervous?


Nerves can be a good thing when you are competing as they give you an edge. If you go in well prepared with a dog you know well nerves quickly disappear. Many groomers use Kalms or Rescue Remedy and swear by the results! By attending a couple of competitions as a spectator you can learn how the classes are run, which will help to give you the confidence to give it a go.
Groomers’ biggest fears are that they are being watched and criticised by the audience but you will find that this is not necessarily true. They are often there to pick up hint and tips as they may feel they are not good enough to take part!
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Choosing a dog


You don’t need a show quality dog but do try to find one that resembles the breed with a good coat, good temperament and a flexible owner or, better still, your own dog. Avoid dogs that are overweight and those with health or skin problems. This may sound like an awful lot to find but you will be surprised at what an offer of free grooming can do. Owners can be encouraged to grow their dogs in to a longer style if you are happy to maintain it in between. Keeping the dog coming in every three weeks or so will strengthen the bond between you, the dog and the owner. In fact many owners are extremely proud that their dogs are good enough to be taken to a competition.

Now that we have hopefully answered your questions and persuaded you to enter it is time to look at the various competitions and prepare your dog…..

Firstly you will need to pick a competition and look at the rules. Most competitions require eight weeks growth to cut off on the day so you will need to count back in your diary to allow yourself plenty of time to trim the dog. Practising your trimming time at home in line with the time allowed in a competition will give you the confidence to do your best work in the ring.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Challenge 2015!