Schanuzer (Miniature)

This is the very debonair ‘Harry’, a black Miniature Schnauzer. He was clipped with a 7F on the body, 10 on his head and 15 on the outside and 30 on the inside of his ears. He always had extremely hairy ear canals, from young, but, I found using Strip Tech was a huge help (a tip picked up from a demo by the English Groomers Team).

He was shampooed in Show Seasons Texture, with an added drop of Show Seasons Lavender shampoo (which I like to add to most dogs as it helps to relax them). To complete the groom, he was sprayed with Show Seasons Gold glitter, the gold micra drops really enhance his shiny black coat and the smell is wonderful.

Donna Verde
Dinky Dogs Grooming
Worthing, West Sussex