• Shih Tzu pet head
    Video Masterclass (9 mins): Joanne Beddoe talks through and demonstrates head style options
  • Creating the perfect Westie head
    Video Masterclass (2 mins): Julie Lalou demonstrates a simple method to help you achieve the perfect chrysanthemum-shape.
  • Creating the perfect round Bichon head
    Video Masterclass (3 mins): Alison Rogers talks through the key points for creating the round snowball Bichon head.
  • Cavachon - Short Teddy Trim body style
    Video Masterclass (13 mins): Joanne Beddoe demonstrates a short teddy trim using clippers and comb attachments.
  • Schnauzer (Mini)
    Video Masterclass (19 mins): Breed expert, Nicky Mills, guides us through a pet trim for this stylish little dog.
  • Cockapoo
    Video Masterclass (15 mins): Melanie Winters-Holmes talks through style options as she scissors this handsome dog.
  • Basic Anatomy
    Julie Harris begins our series on canine anatomy by talking through the basics.
  • Anatomy in Detail
    Julie Harris talks through canine anatomy in more detail.
  • Nail Trimming
    Julie Harris explains the importance of nail trimming.
  • Assessing a New Dog
    Video Masterclass (6 mins): Joanne Beddoe gives some guidance on assessing a new dog.
  • Cavachon - Head style
    Video Masterclass (6 mins): Joanne Beddoes talks through an easy head style.
  • Poodle Preparation
    Video Masterclass (13 mins): Lhaki Thindal demonstrates how to safely clip face, feet and base of the tail.
  • Handstripping Techniques
    Video Masterclass (4 mins): Some of the UK’s most experienced groomers provide top tips on handstripping.
  • Simpsons range of Pro Flexible Slicker Brushes
    Lhaki Thindal talks through the Simpsons range of brushes, highlighting their advantages and techniques for correct use.
    Have become huge sellers - find out why groomers are upgrading their blades and switching to bigger blades.