• Border Terrier
    Video Masterclass (7 mins): Chrisse Warwick demonstrates a quick and easy pet trim using comb attachments.
  • Poochon
    Video Masterclass (12 mins): Louisa Tandy talks through scissoring techniques for this gorgeous cross breed.
  • Bedlington Terrier
    Video Masterclass (13 mins): Colin Taylor talks through the key points for grooming this unique breed.
  • Exclusive Member Offers
    Choose 2 or more scissors from Simpson's Mastercut ConvexPro range and save a massive 25% off!
  • MasterGroom 2017
    Great to see everyone at the challenge - we've already uploaded some photos from the event so have a browse through!
    Getting asked for a style you really don’t want to do? Saying yes can help you build your reputation and your business!
    A quick scenario to get you thinking about how we recommend businesses - it's all about risk and reputation.
  • Diabetes in Dogs
    If you know what to look for there are simple things you can do to help a diabetic dog.
    Have become huge sellers - find out why groomers are upgrading their blades and switching to bigger blades.