Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions set out below relate to Groomers Gallery Annual Membership, submitting articles and photos, rules covering commenting on articles, copyright of photography, sale of goods and the sale of tickets for events.


Payments for memberships, grooming products and merchandise and also for event tickets are processed (via SagePay for card security) by Simpsons of Langley Limited as part of their sponsorship of the website. VAT has to be charged at the prevailing UK rate. Simpsons will ensure that net membership fees and any profits from the sale of goods and/or event tickets are used to support the development of the website and to support industry events.


Groomers Gallery does not have premises or any permanent staff. Please note that the people who work on the website are doing so as well as working for their own businesses. Therefore, you may not receive an instant response to emails – but please be patient and we will reply to any enquiries as soon as possible.

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Membership is open to professional groomers, grooming students and colleges and professional organisations associated with the grooming industry. Membership is on an INDIVIDUAL basis. The cost of a 12 month membership has been set at 12 pounds plus VAT per year and is renewed on an annual basis.

Membership allows you access to the groomers gallery website and to offers, events, features and photography it cottons. Please note that the photography displayed on the website is subject to copyright law and should not be downloaded or used by members without written permission from the copyright owners. Also note that advice offered in the articles contained on the website is designed to help members but should not be relied upon as independent professional advice for a specific business. Members are always encouraged to seek independent professional advice and training before making business decisions. Examples of grooming styles or of grooming techniques displayed on the website are simply examples and should not be seen as the only option – they are featured on the website to inform and encourage discussion.

When ordering your membership you are committing to ongoing membership and your credit card will be charged your membership fee on an annual fee. If the cost of membership needs to be changed you will be sent an email advising you of this before your card is debited. Please note you may cancel your membership at any time but no refunds will be made on part of a yearly membership. If you you wish to cancel a membership please contact post@groomersgallery.co.uk

Members are asked to provide their email addresses. As new content is added to the website members will revceive alerts via email

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Every effort will be made to ensure that the website is accessible 24/7. The site is professionally hosted by a specialist company who provide technical support and monitor the website’s performance and ‘uptime’. Please be aware that access to the site will be restricted on occasions when technical updates or maintenance are required – and when this is the case a message will be displayed on the website’s homepage.

(a) Submitting articles

Members, industry experts, business consultants and trade bodies are all encouraged to submit articles for the groomers gallery website. If you have an idea for an article please contact editorialteam@groomersgallery.co.uk.
Please note – we cannot guarantee that submitted articles will appear on the website and our editors may make suggestions for improvements or additions to articles. If there are costs which may be incurred in creating an article, editors may agree to fund part of these costs.

(b) Commenting on articles

Groomers Gallery is a website that seeks to support best practises in grooming and to encourage positive changes in the industry. Members are encouraged to comment on articles featured on the website but comments are subject to review before they may appear on the website. Unfairly critical or unpleasant comments which may cause upset or offence to others will not be published on the website.

If members spot any inaccuracies or errors in articles or anything they feel should be reviewed they should contact editorialteam@groomersgallery.co.uk

© Copyright

Members and site visitors should be aware that all the content (both written and photographic) is covered by copyright. No material should be copied from the site to appear elsewhere without express permission. If you would like to contact a copyright owner then please contact us via email at post@groomersgallery.co.uk

All reasonable effort is made to ensure that Groomers Gallery is entitled to feature the photographic and editorial content content displayed on the website is featured with the copyright owner’s permission. If you aware that any content on the website should not be featured because of copyright issues please inform us immediately by emailing editorialteam@groomersgallery.co.uk.

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The Groomers Gallery website aims to feature details of industry events and training courses and, when possible, gives members the opportunity of purchasing tickets for these events. If you have any enquiry relating to the event please address this to the organiser directly – you will find their contact details below the details of the event where it is featured on the Groomers Gallery website

If you are organising an event and would like tickets to be made available to members then please contact us via email editorialteam@groomersgallery.co.uk. The Groomers Gallery website features ever management technology which can take payment for tickets (processed on your behalf by Simpons of Langley Ltd) and will then issue an attendees list.

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A select number of grooming tools (used in grooming demonstrations on the groomers Gallery website) and Groomers Gallery merchandising is available to buy through the website. This shop is run by Simpsons of Langley Ltd, 4 Lakeside Business Units, Block Fen, Mepal
Cambridgeshire CB6 2AY (Registration No. 00673262 London VAT Registration No. GB 302-1475-09). Simpsons reserve the right to amend the products available, pricing and shipping charges without prior notice. The following terms and conditions set of the terms and conditions of sale – please take a few minutes to read and understand this information.

Buying goods from the Groomers Gallery online shop signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions by which any contract for the purchase of advertised goods will be bound.

(a) Order Acceptance.

Having submitted an order, an email of acknowledgement will be sent to your confirmed email address. This email indicates that your order has been successfully received and will be acted on in due course. It does not indicate that a contract exists for the sale of proposed goods.
Any implied contract will only exist when your order has been successfully processed and an official invoice has been produced. If a product has been mistakenly under-priced goods or cannot be supplied for any reason, affected customers will be contacted to ensure the amended price is acceptable.

(b) Pricing and VAT

All prices are valued in Pounds Sterling and are subject to VAT (Value Added Tax) at the prevailing rate.

(c) Deliveries

Goods will be dispatched to the ‘delivery’ address provided by you during the checkout process. Time of delivery cannot be guaranteed, unless a timed delivery service is specifically requested. Simpsons cannot accept responsibility or liability for delivery delays once consignments have been dispatched. Subject to stock availability orders are usually dispatched within 24 hours on working days (but please note orders placed at the week end or on bank holidays may be delayed).

(d) Back Orders

Any purchased item(s) found to be out of stock will be back ordered for delivery when available. Affected customers will be contacted at the earliest opportunity to report delays and discuss any possible product exchange. If Simpsons fail to deliver any goods within 30 days of receiving your order,you will be refunded in full any payment made in respect of such goods. Simpsons reserve the right to withdraw acceptance of your order, in whole or part, if any goods are not readily available and to refund in full any payment you have made for such goods.

(e) Credit Card Security

Credit card payments are handled by SagePay or PayPal and so payments are 100% secure

(f) Warranties & Liability & Returns

Simpsons warrants that, at the time of delivery, the goods will be free from defects in materials and workmanship and will be of satisfactory quality. There may, however, be minor variations between the goods shown or described and those dispatched to you (the goods dispatched will always be of a comparable or superior quality).

Any claim by you that goods fail to correspond with the description on the website or that they are defective or not of satisfactory quality, must be notified to Simpsons in writing within 7 days from the date of delivery or, where this was no apparent on reasonable inspection, within 7 days after discovery or 30 days after dispatch by us, whichever is the earlier. If you do not notify us accordingly we shall have no liability for such failure or defect. If you make a valid claim we shall replace the goods in question free of charge or, at our sole discretion, refund in full the payment made in respect of such goods, but we shall have no further liability for such failure or defect. Such replacement or refund is conditional upon the goods in question have been returned to us for inspection.

Simpsons are under no liability in respect of any defect arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence, abnormal working conditions, failure to follow product instructions, misuse or alteration or repair of the goods without our approval. In no circumstances shall Simpsons’ liability to you exceed the invoice value of the goods.

(g) Variation

Simpsons reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time but the terms and conditions applying to the contract of any sale shall be those in force at the time your order is received. Simpsons reserve the right to amend our prices and shipping charges without prior notice.